I’m Lindsay duck

Functional Health Coach

Your wellness journey doesn’t have to be hard, overwhelming or complicated.

Ditch your stress and anxiety around health for real long-term vitality

Partnering With You To Achieve Success

Define What Wellness is to You
and Design a Plan to Get There

My health + wellness coaching practice provides a foundation of functional health knowledge and resources. We will dig deep in our conversations surrounding your personal wellness journey and our partnership will help to ease the transition into a more balanced and healthy version of you.

What Is Health Coaching?

Defining goals and changing habits is hard. It is far easier to know that we need to make changes in our lives than actually taking action. A coach can help you to establish a clear plan and goals that compliment and fit into your lifestyle.
It can help you to uncover your motivation to make meeting your goals possible. I work with my clients to uncover their common pitfalls, unhelpful thought patterns, and life circumstances that can get in the way. The process brings light to an action plan to overcome your specific obstacles. The coaching relationship is one of balance, partnership, and support.

About Me

I am a functional health coach and my mission is to help women find better health while maintaining their busy lives. I do this by partnering with them to implement an ancestral approach to their daily routines.

I believe that a healthy diet and lifestyle is the most powerful form of self-care, and something that everyone is worthy of.

Most importantly your wellness journey doesn’t have to be hard, overwhelming or complicated. You don’t need expensive super foods, supplements, and tinctures. Getting back to basics is key. Its time to ditch your stress and anxiety around health for real long-term vitality!

Find Your Balance.
Prioritize Your Self Care. 

Let’s work together to figure out your personal wellness goals and create a custom roadmap to your success. My goal is to help my clients find their path with realistic goals that are both safe and achievable. Even the smallest of steps can lead to profound changes and have a significant positive impact on your health. I can help you reach your goals by making gradual and reasonable changes in your eating habits, stress management, mindfulness and physical activity.

Don’t Wait Any Longer.
Start Creating Your Path
To Wellness Today!

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