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Hello! I’m Lindsay

Functional Health Coach

I first became interested in health and wellness in my late teens. I was particularly motivated by how my lifestyle choices influenced my well-being. I entered the world of wellness with the best of intentions, however, I did not stay true to those intentions. I spent most of my 20’s battling eating disorders and suffering from ailments associated with being undernourished both mentally and physically.

I devoted nearly a decade trying to find better health. Looking back, I can’t believe how long I put up with feeling awful and how feeling that way became normal. I felt like my body was filled with sand, each movement taking more labor and energy than necessary. I was constantly bloated, exhausted, cold, achey, and felt like I didn’t have the mental clarity to navigate through life. I made numerous appointments with Doctors in an attempt to find relief from my symptoms. I felt like I wasn’t being taken seriously. I was told countless times that I should just get on the pill and see how it goes. That option never sat well with me, I just couldn’t do it. I saw it as a mask that would only conceal my symptoms. I’m really glad that I listened to my intuition and continued to search for the things that would return balance to my life.

Each attempt I made to regain my health felt like a stab in the dark and the path forward was never clearly visible. If I had had more guidance along the way in learning to care for myself I would not have felt as hopeless. I didn’t have a support system when it came to making lifestyle changes and no one around me really paid much attention to what they put in their bodies, let alone made the connection between how they felt in correlation to their diet and activities. When I did finally find the lifestyle that was right for me I felt as though I had reconnected with my own authenticity and I had the energy and intellect to be my best self.

My personal experiences allow me to be a more supportive, aware, and present coach. There is a wealth of vibrancy awaiting each of us and I want to help people reach out and grab it. I feel empowered by my experiences and the way subtle shifts in lifestyle can bring about healing. There is no exclusivity to health and wellness, it can be attained by all who seek it out. I know that when I complete the coaching program I will have the tools to be a catalyst for change in our current health care system. I want to show people that they have the power to take control and become accountable for their health.

Thanks for reading.


My Approach to Wellness

My health + wellness coaching practice provides a foundation of functional health knowledge and resources. We will dig deep in our conversations surrounding your personal wellness journey and our partnership will help to ease the transition into a more balanced and healthy version of you.

We will work together to figure out all of your personal wellness goals and create a custom roadmap to your success. My goal is to help my clients find their path with realistic goals that are both safe and achievable. Even the smallest of steps can lead to profound changes and have a significant positive impact on your health.

I can help you reach your goals by making gradual and reasonable changes in your eating habits, stress management, mindfulness and physical activity.

Want to know more about my process? Contact me to schedule a free consultation call! We will go over the coaching process and your personal health goals!

"I really enjoyed working with Lindsay and cannot recommend her enough. I was stuck in getting motivated to implement healthier lifestyle habits (i.e. working out and meditating). Lindsay helped me set goals for myself which I was able to successfully attain in a fairly short amount of time.

The coaching that was provided helped me figure out ways to more easily incorporate being more active and practicing mindfulness into my daily routine. I’d highly recommend Lindsay to anyone looking for guidance on jump starting a healthier lifestyle."


Shawn J.

"Entering into health coaching, I wasn’t sure what Lindsay could offer me, or what sort of help I would be receiving that I couldn’t do on my own, but let me tell you - I was quick to find out just how helpful having a health coach was! Lindsay, from the get go, was extremely attentive to my needs and my desires. She helped me work through a lot of personal stressors that I didn’t realize I was placing on myself and directed me towards my goals. I truly didn’t realize how helpful having a health coach was until my skin started clearing up, my confidence returned and I was eating a completely clean and healthy diet.

Lindsay is more than just a health coach, she is a miracle worker! Not once did she lose hope in me or act disappointed, but instead she cheered me on even through my hard days. I always told her she was like my very own, personal cheerleader! Lindsay believed in me before I believed in myself, and as time progressed, she helped me figure out ways in which I could modify my thoughts and actions to create an overall healthier lifestyle. I am so thankful for Lindsay and the relationship we created, and I can now say I live a more confident life with clear skin and an overall healthier lifestyle!"


Caitlyn C.

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