Coaching is partnership, or an alliance, between the Coach and the Client. Coaching is a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires the client to maximize their personal potential. It is designed to help the client develop and design their own personal health and wellness vision. The process helps them to define their goals as well as how they will implement lifestyle changes achieve those goals. Coaching utilizes many techniques to partner with the client including strategic planning, values clarification, brainstorming, motivational interviewing.

A health coach can serve as an ally and guide for their clients. Change is hard and finding strategies to make it stick can be even harder. That is why coaching is such a valuable practice. Many people feel overwhelmed or hopeless at the idea of making changes to their diet of lifestyle. By yourself the process can seem daunting or isolating. The good news is that It doesn’t need to be that way!

In my own health journey I really struggled making changes on my own. When my doctor prescribed a gluten free and non-processed foods diet I felt like a rug was pulled out from under me. Suddenly everything I knew about how to eat was wrong. I felt like I was released on my own into a new world that I knew nothing about. I wish I knew that coaching was even a thing back then! I definitely could have used one!

Working with a coach to discover your own motivation and strategies for change is a process that can make it all stick, and it often leads to better and longer-lasting results. You don’t need to forge the way on your own. Working with a coach can help you to find the way that works best for you and can take the stress out of the process. 

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